O2’s Philosophy

Our school’s philosophy is simple.  This academy is for the students.  We start out with our vision of the ideal class. Basically, if we were students how would we want a martial arts class run?  From there, we make improvements by taking students’ suggestions and comments about the class and implementing those ideas along with the continual improvements and knowledge that we gain on a continual basis.  We feel that no one is too inexperienced to offer a suggestion, so please ask a question or make a comment.  We welcome them!  Every person that trains at O2 Martial Arts Academy is considered and treated like family.  That is why we end up spending so much time in and out of class together.

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”
William A. Ward

The class is taught in an open and friendly environment in order to make a student feel as comfortable as possible to facilitate learning. It is extremely important that students are able to train at a high level with full trust in their training partners. For example, when grappling, if a student feels uncomfortable for whatever reason, all he or she has to do is tap their partner and the sparring session stops. This allows each student the freedom to practice new techniques without hesitation. Students are also encouraged to ask a lot of questions. The instructors are more than happy to provide any additional assistance or teach the techniques in more detail, if needed.

The O2 Martial Arts Academy has a strong team mentality.  We build comaraderie and a closeness with our training partners in a number of ways.  First we do it by helping each other get better when we pair up with our training partners to practice the techniques that are taught.   We never compete against each other so there is no reason to hold back techniques or not want to help your training partners reach their potential and they will do the same to you.  We also celebrate a team member’s victory be it personal or in competition.  We believe in the saying “all boats rise with tide,” meaning that as the level of the class gets better, we ALL get better because we have better training partners and more knowledgeable people to help us grow and learn.  The team is stronger than any individual, so why would you not want to be part of and loyal to a great team?

We are constantly working on being better instructors. We consider ourselves students who teach because we are constantly learning. This philosophy transcends to our higher ranking students who naturally follow the same path, which helps accelerate the progression of the newer students. We have a great student to teacher ratio to ensure that a high level of personal instruction occurs and so you get the most attention possible for your hard earned money.

We invite anyone with an open mind, good heart and who is able to check their “ego” at the door to come join the O2 family!

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